“I wish I could get up on the stage and thank each and every musician for this concert . . . I’m so happy I discovered you.”

“I've played in many community orchestras and this is the only one that consistently has a full house, which I love!"

“I wouldn’t have picked up my instrument again without ONA. I needed this group.”


“I am extremely grateful that there is an orchestra of this caliber in my community. If not for ONA I would never be able to play my instrument in a group without traveling prohibitive distances.”



“[YONA] is a beautiful thing. It’s beautiful to play and inspire other people.”


It’s great to be a mentor for the other musicians [in YONA]. It’s great to help them out and see them grow. As you teach you become a better musician.”


“I went to sign my daughter up for next season [YONA], only to find I didn’t have to. She’d already done it herself!”