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Are you a first-time concertgoer with little to no classical concert experience? ONA wants you!

Project ONA

If you are a first-time concertgoer with little to no classical music concert experience, we could use your help.

As part of Project ONA, we want to engage with 8-12 people with little to no experience at classical music concerts so we can understand what someone considers a “successful” evening at an orchestral concert, what makes the concert experience easy to navigate, and what would (or would not) keep you coming back.

How to participate

  • Fill out our interest form!

  • Attend our May 13th concert (required). Concerts are free and open to the public!

  • Spend time on our website looking around for useful information regarding our performance and concerts.

  • Subscribe to our email list. You may unsubscribe after participating!

  • Keep notes about the entire experience of the concert, our website, and our marketing, including emails and social media. It doesn't have to be a lot, but enough to help us create a better experience for those who come to our concerts.

  • Meet with our conductor at a restaurant for food and drinks on May 16 provided by the orchestra! We want to hear from you in-person about your experience. You can let us know about any dietary restrictions when you sign up.


Having trouble with the form or have more questions? Contact us at

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