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Art and the Economy

Investing in the Flagstaff art scene is an investment in the economic vibrancy of Flagstaff. Americans for the Arts, a nonprofit organization for advancing the arts and arts education, recently released their Arts & Economic Prosperity 5

which studied the impact of the nonprofit arts and culture industry on the economy.

The study documents the economic contributions of the arts in 341 diverse communities and regions across the country, representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia. What's the impact in the City of Flagstaff? $4,665,000.

Art in Our Community

Flagstaff is strong, a community that treasures its way of life, and we believe the arts are important in the civic vision and community character of Flagstaff. Communities with active arts scenes are healthy ones, providing outlets for creative expression, social interaction, and a sense of place.  Our orchestra is an integral part of our community; it strengthens our sense of belonging and identity as it connects us to one another.


For more on art in our community, please see the March 17, 2017 Nancy Hanks Lecture on Arts and Public Policy, Art in the Democracy

Why Orchestra Northern Arizona

ONA is a community within a community, bringing together people from all backgrounds to learn and perform symphonic music. We love what we do together, but it is only with our audience that we can complete the circle: bridging cultural differences, overcoming economic divisions, and joining people of all ages together for a shared and meaningful experience. The immediacy of a live performance is a powerful connection to community, history, and culture, and, in some measure, we feed the human desire to be inspired by and transported through art. 

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